At 3Points, we build. We build credibility for our clients, as well as trust and awareness.


Not only do we build for our clients, we also build with them. We believe in immersion, which means we are on-site, forming relationships and developing a thorough understanding of client culture, business objectives, and proficiencies – right in our client’s home office. While data informs our strategy, relationships and authenticity drive our results.


Authenticity: The best results are achieved when you feel comfortable and confident. That’s why we create a work environment where each member of our team is free to be authentically themselves — we take chances, express diverse points of view, and ultimately, encourage each other to keep evolving, day in and day out. We value authenticity in our clients as well, and that mutual honesty, combined with empathy, forms the basis of a strong and successful relationship.

Grit: There are no shortcuts to achieving lasting success. We use both our accomplishments and our failures to continually better ourselves and our work. We strive to perform and to produce excellent results, working smart to help our clients stay relevant in competitive industries.

Precision: When it is go-to-market time, mistakes can be costly. Sticking the landing is one of our team’s specialties, and we do so by leveraging deep domain expertise along with our team’s experience in high-pressure situations.

Summer 2012
Started Intern Program

At a boutique firm like ours, we need difference-makers at all levels of the company, and our interns -- from our first summer intern in 2012 to the start of our year-round intern program last year -- have played a huge role in our success over the years. 


3Points was founded in 2010 by company principal Drew Mauck, and has grown steadily each year. We began with a distinct focus on the intersection of trading and technology, and while that is still our core area of expertise, we have expanded beyond fintech into many more areas of technology.

3Points evolves with the changing landscape of communications. Earned media — classic public relations — is still a vital part of every communications strategy we create, but we have continually added strategic new skill sets and have increasingly elevated our owned and social media services.

Our name comes from “the rule of three,” a theory in persuasion. The rule suggests that the most effective and memorable arguments can be distilled into three points — when you start adding more elements into a message, the audience gets lost. Three is the most persuasive number in communication, and that principle of keeping things simple and straightforward is at the heart of what we do



Reorganizing our Business

As we approach our tenth year of business, we decided it was time to give 3Points a new structure and look. With that in mind, we reorganized our FinTech and Chicago Tech practices into two parallel structures, each with strong expertise in their domains, and created a new logo and website.

Fall 2017
Becoming PR Partner of

Hyde Park Angels

While it’s difficult to mark a specific point where we branched out beyond FinTech into the Chicago technology space as well, partnering with HPA was a key moment or our burgeoning Chicago Tech practice.

September 2017

Moving to our New Office

We only moved a few blocks down Madison, but our new office symbolized much more than that -- it was a collaborative space that gave us room

to continue to grow our

ever-expanding team. 

Asset 14-8.png

Seeing a Client Through

Chicago’s Biggest Tech Exit that Year

One of our earliest clients was online brokerage tradeMONSTER, which we helped grow from a startup to a top-ranked firm in the industry. We saw them through a merger with OptionsHouse in 2015, and continued doing their PR until the new company was acquired by

E-Trade for $725M.  

January 2015
Launching our Content Department

Drew and 3Points started out with classic media relations, but over the years we have evolved to fit the modern world of communications, offering a full suite of services along three prongs: earned, owned, and social media. 


Founding T4Youth

We co-founded our charity table tennis tournament in 2014, and since then it has become one of our favorite days of the year -- not only does it bring the Chicago tech community together for friendly competition, it raises money for an important cause (STEM education) as well.


April 5, 2010

Taking on our First Client, HTG 

We’re proud not only that our first client was Futures Hall of Famer Chris Hehmeyer, but Chris’ firm is still a client today. With HTG, now HT+I, our FinTech practice was also born.

Asset 2-8.png


For nearly a decade, 3Points has continuously evolved to produce impactful work for clients. Continue scrolling to learn more about some of our key moments of growth from the past nine years.



Receiving our First Awards

We care more about getting  recognition for our clients than ourselves, but earning a spot in both the PR World Awards and Expertise’s list of Top Chicago PR firms reinforced our belief in ourselves and the work we do.

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