3Points was founded in 2010 by company principal Drew Mauck, and has grown steadily each year. We began with a distinct focus on the intersection of trading and technology, and while that is still our core area of expertise, we have expanded beyond fintech into many more areas of technology.

3Points evolves with the changing landscape of communications. Earned media — classic public relations — is still a vital part of every communications strategy we create, but we have continually added strategic new skill sets and have increasingly elevated our owned and social media services.

Our name comes from “the rule of three,” a theory in persuasion. The rule suggests that the most effective and memorable arguments can be distilled into three points — when you start adding more elements into a message, the audience gets lost. Three is the most persuasive number in communication, and that principle of keeping things simple and straightforward is at the heart of what we do

For nearly a decade, 3Points has continuously evolved to produce impactful work for clients. Continue scrolling to learn more about some of our key moments of growth from the past nine years.

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