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Media Coverage + 25 Under 25

Aeris is a startup that created a process to place copper on high-touch objects, such as cell phone cases, in order to reduce transmission rates of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Aeris was founded by three new college grads, one of which was a former 3Points intern.


Aeris launched its flagship product, the copper phone case, in the summer of 2020. In order to contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts, the company donated one phone case to a hospital network for every case purchased. When they came to 3Points, they had already donated 250 cases to two hospital networks and were in discussions with North Shore Hospital in Evanston, the hometown of one of the founders. The team wanted to get publicity around their initiative in the Chicago area, so they reached out to 3Points.

One of the main challenges was to promote the product in a way that was insightful and helpful, yet sensitive to the fact that we were still in the middle of a pandemic. 


3Points met with Aeris on a weekly basis to dig into their mission, product development, and marketing strategy. 3Points then devised a strategy to publicize Aeris’ North Shore partnership in a way that would elevate their brand to a broader yet targeted audience. Once aligned on Aeris’ mission and goals, 3Points began the media outreach process. The 3Points team researched and vetted journalists and carefully crafted pitching language that accentuated the Aeris brand and mission. The pitches also highlighted the company’s Chicagoland connections, since that angle was relevant to local publications.


Multiple Earned Media Placements


Sales doubled versus a
7-day trailing average

The Results

3Points’ pitching efforts led to an interview between Aeris and Chicago Inno which resulted in an article on the partnership with North Shore Hospital, an appearance in “The Beat,” Inno’s daily newsletter, and a placement in the Chicago Inno 25 Under 25 list. 

This media coverage not only boosted Aeris’ reputation locally, but also overall product sales. According to Aeris, the placements led to a spike in traffic from a cohort with an above average conversion rate, doubling sales versus a 7-day trailing average. 

After their work with 3Points, Aeris has seen continued success, including an article in TMZ. The company’s phone cases have generated enough demand that Aeris has expanded to other high-touch items, such as wallets and airpod cases, and is also working on a public transit study involving copper on bus and subway systems.


“When it came time to try our hand at PR in Chicago, 3Points was an obvious choice. While I have firsthand experience with how 3Points treats its clients, I was surprised at the level of personalized service we got from Day One, and the team’s persistence and success in getting us some top-tier press.”

 – Nick O’Brien, Aeris CFO and Co-founder

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