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Brand Blueprint

Brand Blueprint

Every company has a distinct brand identity, but not every company has figured
out how to effectively communicate it to the world. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand identity or build one from scratch, defining your brand
is essential to success.


3Points’ Brand Blueprint provides actionable guidance and messaging materials, all in one living document. Much like an architectural blueprint, this service lays out the key components of your brand to help you build something that lasts.

The Process

3Points’ process for creating the Brand Blueprint is effective, comprehensive, and most importantly, collaborative. By working and communicating with you over a
series of meetings, our team is able to develop the content and ideas that will
shape your brand. Here is a brief overview of that process:

Discovery meeting

Internal brainstorming and ideation

Collaborative conceptual development

Creation of branding deliverables

Presentation and handover of final document and assets

Defining Your Brand

We begin the Brand Blueprint by laying out the building blocks of your brand —
company story, mission, vision, values, and brand promise. These elements
are the core of your company’s identity; whether we are building them from
scratch or building upon existing materials, we ensure that these elements
capture the essence of who your business is and how and why it came to be.

Positioning Your Brand

Once you’ve defined who you are, it’s time to establish the value you provide. By crafting your value proposition, positioning statements, and boilerplate, we help you communicate the uniqueness of your product or service in a way that will resonate with your target audience(s). With this messaging established, all members of your organization will understand how to effectively communicate your differentiators, which is critical for your business’s success.

Communicating Your Brand

Next, we take a deeper dive into how you communicate. Based on the values you hold and the value you provide, we create detailed guidelines for your business’s communications. With a brand persona, brand personality, voice style, and 
terminology best practices, we ensure that your communications align with how
you wish your brand to be perceived.

Visualizing Your Brand

Finally, we create detailed resources to guide you in the effective and consistent use of your visual elements. By codifying this, we help your company maintain a strong visual identity that sets it apart from the competition.

The assets that comprise a strong visual identity include:

A modern logo that is ready for various applications

Consistent and relevant colors within all branded materials

Proper typography across all mediums

Uniform iconography

Easily recognizable and identifiable content

Clear partnership guidelines


The Results

The most important part of any project is the results. With the 3Points Brand Blueprint,
not only will you obtain an all-encompassing document with a multitude of uses,
you will also receive countless long-term benefits, including:

Lasting success fortified by a strong brand

Compelling brand materials for internal and external use

Concise brand guidelines and best practices

A place to display your brand story and identity

Growth within your company and industry


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