Brand ID Kit

Every company has a distinct brand identity, but not every company has established how to effectively communicate it to the world. Using the framework below, we provide actionable guidance and messaging deliverables in the form of brand and style guidelines to companies in periods of growth or transition.

Defining Your Brand

Outlining the building blocks of your brand, including what you stand for, what sets you apart, why you choose the words you use, and how you wish to present your brand in the world.


Company Story

Team Description



Vision Statement


Values Breakdown


Brand Promise

Positioning Your Brand

Explaining the value your brand brings to the industry and how you communicate that value to your target audiences.

Positioning Statements


The Need for Your Company

Value Proposition

Communicating Your Brand

Guiding you in how best to talk about your company — the persona you wish to present as well as the tone of your communications — to ensure alignment throughout the entirety of your company.

Persona & Personality

Voice Style

Terminology Best Practices

Visualizing Your Brand





Partnership Guidelines

Outlining best practices for the use of your company’s brand assets
and offering useful examples to guide your content design and 
social media strategy

Supplemental Deliverables

Augment your Brand ID Kit with the below offerings to further strengthen your company’s messaging.

Media Kit and Additional Brand Assets

Social Media Kit

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