EP3 Launch and Promotion

Connamara Systems is a Chicago-based provider of exchange technology and software development services. Founded in 1998, Connamara has been a mainstay in capital markets for over two decades, but has mostly flown under the radar, despite the local renown of founder Jim Downs in the Chicago options community. In early 2019, Connamara finished a ground-up rebuild of its core exchange platform, EP3, and was looking to build awareness at the Futures Industry Association’s annual FIA Boca Conference that March.


Connamara contracted 3Points for a project around FIA Boca, tasking us with handling EP3’s launch and generating a buzz for the platform, both at the conference and beyond.


With only a few weeks before the conference, 3Points quickly began work on multiple fronts. The first task was to familiarize ourselves with Connamara and EP3 — 3Points prepared questions to tease out the key talking points of the new platform, and after discussing with Connamara’s leadership team, 3Points drafted a press release to announce the launch. Concurrently, 3Points began building a list of relevant media attending FIA Boca, and pitching those reporters to speak with Connamara representatives at the conference. Finally, 3Points audited Connamara’s social media channels and provided a new strategy to ensure they were maximized for effectiveness.

When it came time for the conference, 3Points had set up numerous meetings for Connamara’s leadership team, and attended each of those meetings to help facilitate messaging and next steps. 3Points also distributed the press release on BusinessWire, and sent it directly to relevant reporters, both those at the conference and those who were not attending. 3Points provided support on social media as well, making sure that Connamara was properly promoting its announcement and its presence at the event.



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Through 3Points’ efforts, Connamara greatly increased its exposure around EP3’s launch. The interviews 3Points secured led to Connamara earning placements in relevant financial news outlets, including Futures Radio, Nasdaq, and John Lothian News. With the momentum from its launch, Connamara began work with its first EP3-specific client — MaterialsXchange —  just a few months later, and helped get the exchange to its first transaction in just four months.


Overall, the EP3 launch was so successful that Connamara decided to extend its partnership with 3Points and expand the scope of services. 3Points has continued to help promote EP3, designing a new one-pager and product deck, as well as drafting copy for Connamara’s new website. In addition to media relations, 3Points also began working on non-EP3 projects, including: creating a company newsletter, drafting new company blog posts and case studies, and developing a new slogan (“Exchanges Made Easy”). Additionally, 3Points took over execution for Connamara’s social media, resulting in dramatic increases in activity, impressions, and new followers.  



“As a B2B company whose success is reflected in our clients’ success, we haven’t traditionally focused on our own branding. 3Points helped us make sure our marketing was reflective of our reputation in the industry.”

- Jim Downs, CEO, Connamara Systems