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The Challenge

Hehmeyer was 3Points’ first client, and we’ve represented the firm since 2010, helping to grow the company’s brand in the financial space as well as the personal brand of company founder Chris Hehmeyer. However, the firm had evolved greatly in that time. In 2017, Hehmeyer began operating in the cryptocurrency space, and by 2020, the company decided to focus fully on crypto.


Hehmeyer needed a new brand to reflect its new identity, while still maintaining the name recognition it had earned. 3Points was tasked with creating this new visual identity.


Depicted here are a few of the early drafts of the Hehmeyer logo. As you can see, it was important to them to include an "H" in the logo, while clearly spelling out the company name next to the logo. 

The Solution

3Points first walked Hehmeyer through a consultation process, working together to determine a direction for the design. We learned what Hehmeyer did and did not want as part of the new identity, and applied that knowledge towards creating mockups of various design options.


These mockups went into a visual brainstorm session with Hehmeyer, where they could see their ideas coming to life and provide further feedback. Eventually, they settled on a design they wanted to move forward with, and 3Points made a few additional tweaks to make a final version.


In an effort to go above and beyond, 3Points created multiple versions of the new logo that could be used in different ways. One example of this was creating an animated version, which could be used not only to reveal the new logo, but also could easily be used in video content moving forward.

Once Hehmeyer chose which draft they liked the best, 3Points created a full suite of logos for them. We made sure to provide them with all of the variations, file types, and directions they would need in order to effectively and properly use their new logo. Our team even created a style guide for Hehmeyer to reference, ensuring that they would be able to fully understand the logo, its colors, and proper application.


The Results

Hehmeyer unveiled its new branding in the summer of 2020, which was well-received both internally and externally, and earned pickup in multiple news outlets and newsletters

Later that year, Hehmeyer merged with another company to create Hehmeyer Nortide AG. While mergers often result in new branding, they decided that Hehmeyer’s branding was too strong to change, and they fully kept the branding that 3Points created.

This is the animated video we put together for Hehmeyer to reveal their new logo. Hehmeyer is now also able to use this animation in the beginning of videos as well. In today's digital era, it is very important to have an animated version of your logo in addition to a traditional static version.


“After helping to build the Hehmeyer brand for more than a decade, I knew I could trust 3Points to develop a new, dynamic visual identity for our next evolution. In order for us to be seen as a cutting edge crypto company, we needed a cutting edge logo, and 3Points delivered.”

 – Chris Hehmeyer, Founder and CEO

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