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Jessi Simpson
Graphic Designer

Jessi Simpson joined 3Points in June 2020 as design intern, and now, as graphic designer, she develops design projects for our clients, including infographics, animations, and social media imagery. 


Jessi attended Illinois State University, where she majored in Studio Arts: Graphic Design. While at ISU, Jessi was an NSLS Honor Society member and interned for companies CollegeFashionista and HAVI Global Solutions. At CollegeFashionista, Jessi developed and produced editorial content, webpages, and social media imagery, and worked on PR projects for iconic fashion/beauty brands. During her time at HAVI, Jessi assisted with the development of a print quality management system for Panera and McDonald’s Brands, as well as Happy Meal artwork, packaging prototypes, and product photography. 

Outside of work, Jessi runs a Redbubble shop online of her digital illustrations and works on freelance design projects. She is heavily involved in Fine Art, creating mixed media sculptures and acrylic paintings with subjects of climate change and environmental issues. While most of Jessi’s activities involve creating something, she also enjoys thrift-shopping, watching makeup tutorials, eating pasta, and finding geocaches outside.

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