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Company Launch

Mud City is a Chicago-based sales and revenue operations agency that formed in spring of 2020.

The Challenge

Mud City had acquired its first clients, and was ready for a public-facing launch — and it was doing so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the company’s co-founders had built a strong network of accomplished entrepreneurs and seasoned business executives in Chicago, they wanted to achieve a higher level of awareness and trust for their newly-formed firm. Without the bandwidth or expertise to focus on the PR around the company launch, they contracted 3Points to lead the effort.


Part of the challenge for 3Points was to earn attention in a media landscape that was dominated by COVID-19 conversations. Mud City also had to be differentiated from other, more traditional sales consultancies, and had to be seen as legitimate despite not having any outside funding.

The Strategy

After an initial discovery session, 3Points first worked with Mud City to develop messaging and an angle that would resonate with the intended audiences and be newsworthy during the pandemic. From there, 3Points drafted an “open for business” post that explained why the company was launching and how it would be unique, as well as tying the company's name (which comes from the early days building Chicago’s infrastructure) to the challenge of creating new business infrastructures during the pandemic. The post also included a link to a form allowing readers to request a free assessment from Mud City.

3Points also provided guidance on how to share the news via social media, and how to utilize social channels moving forward. Since the company was brand new, it had no social media presence activated — therefore, we decided to utilize the personal social media of the co-founders to drive engagement toward the new company LinkedIn page.


Once everything was approved, 3Points pitched coverage of Mud City’s launch as an exclusive opportunity to Chicago Inno, calculating that Inno’s focus on the Chicago startup ecosystem would fit Mud City’s profile, and that Mud City would be of interest to the publication. This calculation was based on multiple years of consuming Inno’s daily newsletter, The Beat, and having conversations with the publication's journalists. 


50k Impressions

Over 100 Reactions

30+ Comments

400 LinkedIn followers gained

19x Direct ROI

The Results

The launch post was highly successful, achieving about 50k impressions and leading to numerous form submissions requesting assessments. Despite launching the company’s LinkedIn page from scratch, the initial LinkedIn post garnered over 100 reactions and 30+ comments, and Mud City gained over 400 followers within two months of the launch.


Chicago Inno interviewed the co-founders soon after the launch, and wrote an interesting and compelling feature story on the company. This story appeared at the top of The Beat, Inno’s daily newsletter, and one of the Inno reporters also mentioned Mud City on a WGN radio show.


As an additional fortuitous outcome, the efforts around the launch led directly to new client acquisition, resulting in a direct ROI of 19x.


“With everything that goes into launching a business, there is no way we could have promoted our launch properly on our own. 3Points made the process easy and effective, not only bringing us important awareness but also directly creating ROI for us.”

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