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Otus, a Chicago-based education technology provider, eases headaches and provides greater transparency in education by consolidating data management, assessment management, and classroom & learning management tools all in one platform.

As the company grew, its leadership team perceived a need for expanded PR and marketing efforts. 3Points was brought in to add structure to this process and to expand the Otus marketing team’s efforts across earned, owned, and social media.

Our team quickly realized that the first and most important aspect of this endeavor would be to create consistent messaging for the brand that would resonate with educators and employees. After getting immersed in Otus’ current marketing practices and working on their general messaging, 3Points suggested that the development of a tagline would be beneficial in distilling and promoting the company’s values, creating that consistency across their branding efforts.


In order to combine the marketing expertise of the 3Points team with the knowledge of the company’s value proposition from their own employees, 3Points organized a joint brainstorming session with members of the Otus marketing team. This collaborative effort began the process, with the goal of condensing company values into a concise phrase or few key words. This group worked to bounce ideas off each other and create a list of potential taglines.

Once a larger list had been created, the 3Points team reviewed the possibilities and whittled them down to a few preferred options. These top choices were subsequently submitted for approval to Otus. Ultimately, the company leadership selected the tagline “Learning, Together” as the phrase that best described their internal values and value proposition.

Business Impact

This tagline was quickly embraced by the Otus team, who began to utilize it throughout various marketing efforts. Nowhere was this more prevalent than at the 2018 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference & Expo, an event that serves as a gathering place for educators interested in applying technology in the classroom. This year’s conference was located in Chicago, and Otus emblazoned the new tagline on their booth as a way to capture attention from event attendees — among them potential new clients.

At the same time, the 3Points team helped write a blog post to announce the tagline, and the hashtag #learningtogether has been used — both by the Otus corporate account and also personal employee accounts — across Twitter to garner attention for the brand. Company leaders also began incorporating the tagline into presentations for conferences and outside events, and the tagline was incorporated into the company logo. The willingness of Otus to adopt this new tagline across many different marketing efforts showcases its success in distilling and promoting the philosophy and value proposition of the company.