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Virtual Panel-as-a-Service



The Problem

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic completely altered business as we knew it. Industry conferences, events, and other networking gatherings were canceled, leaving the fintech and Chicago tech industries, like other industries, feeling shaken and disconnected.  


Facing unprecedented uncertainty, businesses are no longer able to utilize many traditional forms of marketing and networking, and thus need to find new ways to reach their audiences, articulate their perspectives on important issues, and lead meaningful conversations.

3Points is now offering Virtual Panel-as-a-Service (VPaaS), a customized virtual event package that includes conceptualization, strategy, project management, design, media influencer relations, and execution. 

The Solution

This interruption of normal business events and procedures presented an untapped opportunity. 3Points now supports clients with a specific offering to strategically plan, organize, and execute virtual panels for industry professionals, influencers, and media members to attend. The topic of the panel may be pre-determined by the client or arrived at through a discovery session between the client and 3Points. 

The Process


The timeline for the virtual panel from initial strategy 
to completion will be ~6 weeks. 

After confirming the theme/topic of the virtual
panel, your 3Points team will get to work on putting together a thorough strategy for the virtual panel, including the title, purpose, potential guests, and timeline. Once the strategy document is approved, 3Points will implement that strategy according to
the timeline below.

Timeline of
Package Services:

| Develop strategy document
| Assist in communicating with participants (moderator & panelists)
| Secure date & time 
| Design supporting materials (i.e. promotional graphics - maximum of 2)
| Write email copy for event invitation
| Prepare media relations tools & conduct outreach
| Promote the virtual panel (social media, industry newsletters, etc.)
| Schedule & hold call with the moderator
| Schedule & hold prep call with all participants (moderator & panelists)
| Execute day-of-event 
| Edit virtual panel recording as needed (trim beginning/end)
| Write email copy for distribution of virtual panel recording
| Share recording of virtual event with media
| Deliver summary blog post post-event
| Schedule post-event debrief call with client
| Deliver email addresses of VPaaS attendees


3Points and the client will work together to identify and contact industry experts to participate in the virtual panel as panelists and moderator. Throughout the entire process 3Points will act as the project manager, coordinating all communications regarding the virtual panel, running point on all projects, and keeping all participants (panelists & moderator) informed and in sync.
One week before the event, 3Points will facilitate a prep call with all of the participants to discuss the topic and run through questions for the panel to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is fully prepared. The prep call will be hosted on the intended panel hosting platform (Zoom, BigMarker, GoTo Meeting, etc.) to ensure all participants become familiar with the platform prior to the virtual event. The virtual panel will run for a total of one hour, beginning with a 5-minute introduction from the moderator, followed by a 45-minute panel discussion, and ending with a 10-minute audience Q&A. The audience will be able to submit questions to the moderator via a chat function on the platform.


“At Imagineer we did not have enough internal resources to ensure we could plan and execute a high-quality virtual panel, so partnering with 3Points was one of the biggest reasons why we were able to have a successful event. Because of 3Points’ project management, all of the panelists were prepared and had the proper resources to promote Vendors vs. Virus through their channels and generate industry attendance, and 3Points also used its media relations expertise to secure media attendance.”

— Jeremie Bacon, CEO of Imagineer 


Starting at $15,000

Want more information? Get in touch.

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