YCharts is a rapidly growing company in the investment research space, competing against industry stalwarts Bloomberg, Reuters, and FactSet. As a smaller player, YCharts needed exposure to wealth advisors who may be unfamiliar with how YCharts’ next-generation tools lead to smarter investments, enable vast time and cost savings, and alleviate key pain points.

YCharts partnered with 3Points to gain targeted exposure in key industry trade publications. 3Points was tasked with landing YCharts on the radar of publications that influence the wealth advisor space.


3Points set out to build and maintain relationships with several key publications and their reporters. One specific tech reporter with whom 3Points formed a connection was from a well-known trade publication in the investment space, specifically in wealth advisor technology. By sharing interesting news tidbits about YCharts, sending updates on recent wins, and stressing YCharts’ relationships with industry leaders (such as TD Ameritrade, Dynasty Financial Partners, and Charles Schwab, among others), 3Points was able to set up an interview between this journalist and YCharts’ CEO, Sean Brown.

Within a few months, the reporter circled back with 3Points as the publication was pursuing a story angle relevant to YCharts and the innovations it was introducing to the industry. Knowing this was a perfect fit, 3Points set up another interview between the journalist and Sean. Before the conversation, 3Points worked with YCharts on interview preparation to ensure Sean had interesting data and insights prepared to demonstrate that YCharts was worth including in the piece.

Armed with these key talking points, Sean did a fantastic job in the interview. This led to a successful feature placement in the publication in early January that profiled key fintech platforms for investment research.


Business Impact

As we know, today’s news cycle moves quickly, and shortly after the piece became live on the publication’s website, YCharts started experiencing a flurry of additional inbound interest. Sean was receiving kudos from executives in the industry, influencers were congratulating YCharts on social media, and the sales team started getting additional calls from prospects mentioning the publication.

In the following days, there were a number of inbound calls that were in direct response to the article. As a result, YCharts landed a multi-user deal with a financial advisory firm, a client that falls directly in YCharts’ sweet spot.

While media placements are often difficult to tie directly to sales, this example demonstrates that a targeted placement can cause a ripple effect. Q1 2018 ended up being YCharts’ most successful quarter to date, and the company has kept up the positive momentum generated by this key placement and YCharts’ growing industry footprint.


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